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PWR Sports

  • PWR Sports
  • PWR Sports

PWR Sports


Power of 6 Free From of Amino Acids
Enhances Endurance
Improves VO2 Max
Prevents Muscle Fatigue 

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  • PWR Sports

    While you are under intensive training, competition or game you experience:

    • Greater levels of breathing and sweating
    • Increased heart rate and blood circulation
    • Extreme muscle fatigue
    • Depletion in store of Ergonomic Amino acids (BCAA's, Glutamine, Argenine and Lysine)

    When your breathing level increases, you need to supply more amount of Oxygen to blood and exhale maximum amount of Carbon dioxide. The scientific term of the overall mechanism called VO2 max i.e.; the maximum capacity of Oxygen that human body can consume while doing the activity in its peak. While consuming the more amount of oxygen the flow of nutrients through blood to muscle will be more and hence maximum performance.

    In addition to this Muscle fatigue will be in its maximum as the stores of Ergonomic Amino acids (Building Blocks of Muscles) will get depleted and body starts doing catabolism i.e.; muscle breakdown faster than you can rebuild them. You need to supplement the muscles with right amount of amino acids at the right time to get rid of muscle fatigue and to increase the performance.

    BODYFUELZ PWRSPORTS is specifically designed to give you an extreme power & performance. It contains only Ergogenic Amino Acids that are needed to enhance your sports performance. BODYFUELZ PWRSPORTS is a pure unique scientific blend of Ergogenic amino acids namely, BCAA (Branched chain Amino Acids - Leucine, ISO -Leucine and Valine), Arginine and Glutamine.

    Bodyfuelz PWRSPORTS will give you the winning edge due to V3 Max:

    VO2 Max: Amount of Oxygen consumed by human body
    PWRSPORTS delivers more oxygen and nutrients to your muscles and thus help you to continue active through out and win the game.

    VASODILATION: Expansion of Blood Vessels
    PWRSPORTS aids in increasing vasodilation to deliver more oxygen and nutrients to working muscles.

    VITAL CAPACITY: Maximum amount of air exhaled after maximum inhalation
    PWRSPORTS helps more Oxygen to enter into muscles and removal of Carbon Dioxide from body

    BODYFUELZ PWRSPORTS works in the following ways:

    • Boosts Endurance
    • Accelerate Performance
    • Refreshes Muscles
    • Increases Energy
  • Supplement Facts
    Composition: Each 6g Sachet Contains
    L-Glutamine 390mg
    L-Arginine Hcl 366mg
    L-Lysine Hcl 366mg
    L-Leucine 324mg
    L-Isoleucine 258mg
    L-Valine 216mg
    Nutritional Information (approx. values)
      Each serving per 6gm Per 100gm
    Energy 17 k cal 283 k cal
    Carbohydrate 3.8g 63g
    Fat 0g 0g
    Protein 2.2g 37g



    Aminoacids, Riboflavin, Malitol, Citric acid

    Recommended Usage:

    During training:-

    • 1sachet before training
    • 1 sachet after training

      During match:-

    • 1 sachet before the match
    • 1 sachet during half time
    • 1 sachet before the match
  • Lab Reports


  • User Guide

    Oxygen consumption is linearly related to the work load and as exercise intensity increases and Oxygen consumption increases proportionally. Our scientist did a random study to measure the impact of BODYFUELZ PWRSPORTS in increasing VO2 max in athletes. This random study was done on healthy Basketball players for a period of 7 days. One group was supplemented with BODYFUELZ PWRSPORTS and the control group was without supplementation. We found that VO2 max is at peak in the group which was supplemented with BODYFUELZ PWRSPORTS than the non supplemented group.

    BODYFUELZ PWRSPORTS is a an Ergogenic aid in increasing your VO2 max for peak performance .Higher the VO2 max ,Higher the performance.

    BODYFUELZ PWRSPORTS is safe for consumption, and popular with sports persons around the world. These product are recommended by countries leading Sports Physios and Fitness Trainers.

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