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  • Musclemax
  • Musclemax
  • Musclemax



Unique Blend Of Free Form Amino Acids
Mouth Dissolving Formula for Instant action
100% Dope Free

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  • Musclemax

    How do I maximize my muscle size? This the most carving question that you always asks to yourself during your journey to Gym. Before you get into a conclusion, let's know the muscle mechanism and factors that boosts its growth. Human muscles is made up of building blocks called aminoacids.60% of your muscles is made up of Glutamine,35% is made up of "Branched Chain Amino Acids" BCAA-Leucine, Isoleucine, Valine and rest is made up of Arginine and other amino acids. These are called Ergogenic aminoacids because they help you to build bigger and bulkier muscles. Muscles get bigger by increasing the size of muscle cells with a great level of amino acids-a process called hypertrophy. The secret behind your muscle growth is maintaining the level of Ergogenic amino acids (Anabolism). During intense training or power lifting your muscles undergo lot of cellular changes. There is a break down (Catabolism) of Ergogenic amino acids-BCAAs, Glutamine, Arginine and Lysine. Constant depletion of these amino acids leads to muscles soreness and fatigue and even no muscle gain after months of weight training. BODYFUELZ MUSCLEMAX is a unique blend of pure crystalline Ergogenic amino acids in mouth dissolving formulation for faster effect. BODYFUELZ MUSCLEMAX contains precise ration of pure Ergogenic Amino Acids such as BCAA (Branched Chain Amino Acids), Glutamine, Arginine and Lysine in mouth dissolving form. The unique feature of BODYFUELZ MUSCLEMAX is that it supplies right proportion of amino acids (Only Ergogenic) at right time (within 15 minutes) to the right place (directly to the muscle). BODYFUELZ MUSLEMAX works in the following ways: Acts as an anabolic agent thereby increasing muscle protein synthesis Increases blood flow to muscles by causing expansion of blood vessels Increase energy supply to muscles and reduces fatigue Maximizes Muscle Pump Hasten Muscle Recovery

  • Supplement Facts
    Composition: Each 5g Sachet Contains
    L-Glutamine 325mg
    L-Arginine Hcl 305mg
    L-Lysine Hcl 305mg
    L-Leucine 270mg
    L-Isoleucine 215mg
    L-Valine 180mg
    L-Proline 70mg
    L-Threonine 70mg
    L-Methionine 35mg
    L-Histidine Hcl.H2O 25mg
    Malitol 2.93g
    Nutritional Information (approx. values)
      Each serving per 5gm Per 100gm
    Energy 14.5 k cal 290 k cal
    Carbohydrate 2.93g 59g
    Fat 0g 0g
    Protein 2.08g 41.6g


    Amino acids,Malitol,Riboflavin,Stabilizer

    Recommended Usage:
    For a Normal Person:
    1 sachet before workout (15 mins)

    • 1 sachet in between workout
    • 1 sachet after workout (Immediately)

      For people who are doing weight training:

    • 1 sachet before workout (15 mins)
    • 1 sachet in between workout
    • 1 sachet after workout (Immediately)
    • 1 sachet before bedtime
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