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Improve your diet and make your abs pop with these 5 tips

Mar 29, 2017 / By Bodyfuelz

Abs are the most desired muscle and nowadays most of the fitness freaks work blood and sweat to get that shredded mid-section. Getting shredded abs is a hard task but with few cheats, right diet and training can help you achieve those popped up abs in no time.

So here are few expert tips for six pack abs:

Estimate your protein needs

If you are looking to gain muscle and lose fat as quick as possible, it is important that you take adequate protein. If you are training on a regular basis, make sure to ingest between 1 to 1.2 grams per kg of your weight.

Carb shock for quick fat burning

Carb is the major source of energy but if you want to shred your body fat it is important that you shock your body with less carbs for 48 hours. Yes, lowering your carb intake to about 125 grams per day for 2 consecutive days will shock your body and your body will start searching for other sources of energy and ultimately burn fat leading to fat loss.

Supplements with carnitine, green tea and caffeine

Training and nutrition plays a major role in achieving six pack abs but if you take some supplements along with your diet, it will accelerate your fat loss process to a higher level. The best supplements include carnitine, green tea extract, and caffeine. Combining these supplements with your daily healthy diet will make your body a fat burning furnace.

Recommended Dosage

-1-3 gram(s) of carnitine with breakfast, postworkout meal  and after dinner.

-500 mg of green tea extract in the morning, preworkout and around dinner time.

-Caffeine before workout helps the body use more fat for energy.

Drink water like a fish.

Water is essential for life and is essential for your muscles as well.  Water is important for protein conversion. Water also plays major role in the chemical translation of carbs to energy, so if you want to power up your workout session you need to replenish yourself with water.  Make sure to keep yourself hydrated throughout and drink atleast 8-10 glasses of water in a day.

Targeting the Whole abs

Most people focus majorly on doing cardio, crunches and sit-ups and call it a day but It’s important that you focus on all the areas while working out for abdominal region.  It consists of the upper, lower and oblique. To make your abs pop, you need to include exercises for each abdominal area for a complete workout.

Hope you follow these tips and get yourself ready for that summer beach bod. If you need any help regarding fat burning  and fat burning supplements feel free to call us on 1800 200 4500 or if you want to contact our expert nutritionist drop a mail at

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