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The Science behind free forms of amino acids:

Aug 12, 2016 / By Bodyfuelz

It’s a widely known fact that proteins are building blocks for life and are necessary for all living organisms for various functions like growth, tissue repair, metabolism and so on. Proteins are made up of are several simpler compounds called amino acids that perform various vital functions in our body. 

Amino acids are of special importance to body builders, athletes, other training and sport participants as it helps in improving performance by various ways like increasing muscle growth, improving blood flow to muscles and nerve impulse transmission, aiding in metabolism etc.
However, certain amino acids are not produced by the body, so the body is entirely dependent on external sources for these kinds of amino acids. These essential amino acids can be received from food sources like chicken, egg, red meat, milk, nuts and pulses. However, these foods take a longer time for digestion and absorption and can cause nausea and bloating when consumed before a competition or training session.   
So what is the solution for this problem of getting adequate vital amino acids and yet avoid gastrointestinal problems?

Free form of amino acids, these are singular and simpler compounds of various vital types of amino acids. The main advantage of these types amino acid is that they directly get into the blood stream and do not require the body to digest it. Typically, the body takes around 1 to 1.5 hours to break down proteins into amino acids and get into the blood stream but these free forms of amino acids helps to by-pass the digestion process, therefore directly provide health benefits.  

Studies have shown that supplementing specific amino acids stimulates muscle growth and improves performance and exercise recovery. 
The type of amino acids used in the product Muscle Max are carefully selected and customized to provide a specific set of amino acid combinations that are of particular significance to body building and for enhancing sport performance. 
It is good news indeed, lets get into the instant state of getting an instant supply of amino acids through the use of free forms of amino acids in Muscle Max.

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