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Busting 5 Common Fitness Myths

Feb 01, 2017 / By Bodyfuelz

You’ve finally decided to follow a fitness regime religiously but you thought why not look on the web & get few tips for the best results and BAM you’re bombarded with different takes in every blog. Now you’re confused about everything, well it can be confusing and full of myths when you start reading about fitness.

So, to clear your mind we’ve listed down 5 common fitness myths and busted them with pure facts just like Bodyfuelz’s products-

Myth #1
Carbs Are Poison For Your Body
Carbs Poison Bodyfuelz

Commonly believed and followed too but a myth! Carbohydrates are the first source of energy for your body and ignoring them will make your workouts sluggish and make your active body lazy. Be conscious of your carb consumption but ignoring them completely is not good. The best time to take your carbs is breakfast and after the workout. Eggs & whole wheat toast or fruits with whey protein shakes will be the best combination of Carbohydrate and Protein meal for your body.

Myth #2
The Right Time For Workout Is Morning
The Right Time For Workout Is Morning

There is no standard or common perfect time for workout. Everyone’s body is different and therefore everyone has different time when one’s motivated. Some might be motivated in the morning and some might be after work but the best workout is done with focus and intensity which you’ve to figure out is at peak and at what time!

Myth #3
More Protein More Muscles
More Protein More Muscles bodyfuelz

Excess of everything is bad and that holds true for protein as well. Proteins do help your body in building and maintaining muscles but excess protein is stored as fat. To know how much protein your body needs, multiply your weight (Kgs) by One.  

Myth #4
Weight Belt Is Essential To Protect Your Back
Weight Belt bodyfuelz

You may have seen many people in your gym wearing weight belts which are often suggested by trainers to protect your back while working out. Well, you don’t need to wear it everytime while working out as regularly training in that belt actually weakens your lower back & abdominal muscles. You can wear them while doing overhead presses, squats and deadlifts with maximum lifts.

Myth #5
Sports Drink Is A Perfect Substitute For Water
Sports Drink Bodyfuelz

Though sport drinks have their own place but it is not a substitute for water. Water is very essential for your body, remaining hydrated is important to maintain your energy levels. Drinking water is the best way to actually lose weight as it acts as an appetite suppressant.

If you’re confused about something related fitness or fat burning supplements you stumbled upon while surfing online, leave a comment down below and our fitness experts will take care of the rest!

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